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Covid Photo Brussels

Riccardo Pareggiani (@ric_all_around)

Alexandros Michailidis


Quentin Bruno


Who are we?

Aris Oikonomou

Pablo Garrigós


Albert Masias 


Covid Photo Brussels is a project launched by 6 photographers based in Brussels coming from different European regions. This project seeks to document how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the capital of Europe, as well as the future consequences this situation will have to our lives.


The main goal of the project is to create a visual memory of this unexpected period and to explore the consequences of the lockdown and other measures on the population and on the city itself.


Pictures are shared on a daily basis on the Instagram account @covidphotobrussels and reflect different aspects such as the medical response, social life changes or how the inhabitants of Brussels face the new situation in times of lockdown.


Images will remain as a  witnesses in the future to create a visual memory of these challenging times in our present history.


This is why we have decided to launch CovidPhotoBrussels


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